Appraising Your Business

You Control the Market Value of Your Company


Appraising your business can be a very valuable process.  Do you know what your company is worth right now?  Do you know what buyers are looking for in a business?  Do you know what needs to be done to increase the value of your business?  An appraisal will answer these questions for you – and much more.  It’s a good idea to have your company appraised every three to five years. Having your company routinely appraised will give you its current value, a realistic perspective of the future direction of the business, and it will provide you with the tools to increase its value.


Knowing the value-drivers for your company will help you focus on those activities that really matter. If you’re thinking of retiring anytime soon, you absolutely need to know the value of your business.  It’s probably the most valuable asset you own.  And, while you don’t check the value of your stock portfolio every day (that’s not good for your blood pressure), you certainly check periodically and you have a pretty good idea of your total portfolio balance between checks.  The same holds true for the value of your business – and much more.  In addition to needing to know the actual current market value of your business for retirement planning, you also need to know and understand the drivers that determine the market value of your company.  After all, you don’t have much control of the market value of your stock portfolio, but you sure do have control of the market value of your company!


Whether you’re planning to sell your business in six months or five years, acquiring the knowledge of what’s required to increase that value will allow you to make informed decisions regarding plans for sales, business acquisitions, estate planning, exit planning, and more.


As part of our comprehensive services to those business owners interested in selling their company, we offer business valuation and business appraisals.  In addition to our normal business valuation opinions, we offer you three choices to fit the particular needs and budget of our clients: the Full Business Appraisal, the Limited Scope Business Appraisal, and the Value Report Business Appraisal. The information included in these three options will provide you, depending upon the amount of details you with to obtain, with an accurate determination of the current market value of your company and the factors that will increase future value.


As part of our unique selling process, we have designed and developed a comprehensive marketing strategy.  An update of these documents is conducted every six months to provide Buyers with fresh financials, plus new and updated information – including 12 month forecasts.  These marketing documents provide our M&A professionals with the ability to begin marketing your company at the time of your choosing and maximize your business’ operating effectiveness – as you run your business with an eye towards its future sale.  Appraising your company is a very important part of achieving business success, and it is a very important part of preparing for a future sale or merger.  Appraising a company is a practical investment that could profoundly affect you and your company’s future.


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