Selling My Business

Protect the Years of Hard Work, Dedication, and Sacrifice
You’ve Invested in Your Company – Hire Professional Advisors


Preparation to sell (or exit) your company should be considered as an integral part of your business plan.  Exit planners often advise business owners to consider a strategic plan for exiting before starting or even acquiring a business.  This may seem premature, but proper transaction execution for the sale of a company takes strategic orchestration.  Your financial advisory team should include a Business Broker or M&A Advisor, an Estate Attorney, Transaction Attorney, and a Tax Accountant.  As you prepare to sell your company, you should consider the many challenges involved.


Confidentially positioning and marketing your business to individual investors, owner operators, private equity groups, industry buyers, investor groups, foreign buyers, strategic buyers, and/or hedge fund can be done effectively through the expertise and knowledge provided by the professionals at a business brokerage or mergers & acquisitions firm that focuses on businesses of your size.  There are numerous components that are crucial to a successful outcome.  And, there are many pitfalls that could negatively impact the net proceeds resulting from a business transition transaction, or even derail the entire transaction. A transactional advisory team, led by a successful business intermediary, is crucial for a successful closing.


Protecting the years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that you have invested in your company is best achieved when you utilize the services of a professional mergers & acquisitions or business broker firm. A comprehensive marketing plan and marketing materials are usually created right after the engagement starts.  These marketing materials serve as a template for the continuous improvement of the company’s market value.  If the sale of the company is projected for the future, an update of the plan should be completed every three to six months, along with an update of the documents.  As you prepare to sell your business, consider utilizing the valuation, marketing plan, and marketing documents provided by the professionals at a successful business intermediary.


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