Understanding Reality When Selling Your Business

– Bad Things Sometimes Happen to Good People –


I was the broker for the owner of a company in a declining industry. Like many other businesses in this industry, this company was experiencing declining revenues – caused by the decline in the overall economy and the long-term trend of this industry.


The owner had been looking for an opportunity to merge with another company and save both companies by eliminating duplicated costs. The problem with this strategy is that long-term debt is used by most companies in this industry to acquire heavy equipment used in their production – and the equipment has declined in value – so most companies have no way to shed their debt by selling off under-utilized equipment.


In in the meantime, while his search for a merger partner was going nowhere, his personal cash reserves were being depleted to keep the business afloat.


In this particular case, the owner recognized the downward spiral that his company would inevitably succumb to, so he was prepared to sell his company under a total…


Out of fifteen buyers we identified, three expressed real interest, and we settled on one that closed the deal within three months of our first discussion.


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