When Should You Sell Your Business?

Every entrepreneur has different reasons for selling a business, but there are better times and conditions than others in which to do so.


For instance, selling simply because you’re exhausted or can’t stand managing day-to-day operations anymore can drastically reduce the value of your company. But bailing out under other circumstances may prove profitable.


Here are five signs that it may be a good time to sell.


1. You can’t fund the company’s growth anymore,
2. The business runs effectively when you’re not around,
3. You have a more lucrative opportunity,
4. Upcoming life changes will affect your business,
5. You get an offer well above the company’s projected valuation, and/or
6. You want to do something more fun than working every day, and you have (or will have) the retirement funds to make that happen.


To read the entire article, and learn the details behind the five signs above, click: When You Should Sell Your Business.


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