Duties Performed by Business Brokers for Sellers

What Business Brokers Do for Sellers

Some of the duties that professional business brokers perform to facilitate a business transition transaction include:

  • Price the business with a professional valuation.
  • Draft an offering summary, sometimes called a Confidential Business Review. This piece becomes one of the most important marketing tools for the offering, and is provided to prospects only after they have signed a confidentiality agreement and been qualified by the broker.
  • Market the business to the widest possible audience – while maintaining strict confidentiality! This is one of the important distinguishing differences between business brokers and real estate agents. Real estate agents put a sign in front of their properties, and heavily advertise the specific location. Business brokers are trained to maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Introduce prospective buyers to the business after insuring confidentiality agreements have been executed.
  • Facilitate meetings between the seller and potential buyers.
  • Write offers to purchase the business.
  • Handle negotiations between the parties after an offer has been made.
  • Facilitate the due diligence investigation. Offers to purchase are almost always made contingent upon a further due diligence investigation.
  • Assist the buyer in obtaining business acquisition financing.
  • Schedule and facilitating the closing of the transaction.

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